The Heroes Of Our Tale


ur Heroes

Berek Eight-Fingers

Berek was born in the village, grew there, and was perfectly content to spend his entire life simply working on his blacksmithing skills. His eventual hope was to find a nice young farm lass, settle down, replace his master as the blacksmith and raise a family. His mother raised him after his father was taken away for manslaughter after punching several men during a fight – and she was very careful to teach Berek to keep a rein on the temper which had destroyed his father.

Shortly after his father’s arrest and removal, Berek became too expensive for his mother to feed, even with his help on the farm, and she apprenticed him to the blacksmith. With his huge size he was ideally suited for the job, and after one slip he quickly learned the requirement for care and attention to his work though the lesson cost him the two last fingers of his left hand. While he was unable to work properly for several weeks afterward, he quickly learned to compensate and now often fixes needed tools into his grip using leather straps when his weakened left grip is insufficient.

His upbringing has taught Berek to maintain his temper with perfect control, and none have seen the giant boy’s calm break. Even on the rare occasion that a quarrel breaks into violence Berek is careful of his actions, knowing the full limits of his strength and never using more than is required to calm the situation. He lives in perpetual mild fear of becoming enraged and ending up like his father, who he has not seen since the day he was led away in irons.

Berek is not particularly bright, though he is careful and conscientious, paying a great attention to detail. The self-control he has been forced to develop is mistaken by some as either a sign of early maturity, or a lack of emotion, rather than the iron self-discipline he actually enforces upon himself. Some in the village have bemoaned the fact that he will rarely quarrel, rarely drinks (and never to excess) and will not gamble, telling him that without a little fun life is not worth living. Berek ignores these, instead taking his enjoyment from producing expert works of metal and studying his craft.

Jonah Cutter

The son of a moderately successful “businessman” of dubious repute.
Mother died during childbirth.
Left home at the age of twelve to live with his aunt and uncle, with whom he stayed every summer as a child.
Loves the outdoor and honest hardworking lifestlye of the county, a big change from the world of his father but he is acutley aware of where his life would of gone had it not been for his aunt and uncle.
Has worked with his uncle on a farm until old enough to take up the life of a woodsman.

Rodrick Hayner

Rodrick is 6ft, suprisingly thin, has bright green eyes and often dirty red hair, he has a handsome enough face, one thats looks more use to smiling that it is to being serious, people are unused to actually ever seeing him angry.

During the Day Rodrick is often used as messenger by his father or his found manning the Bar at the Winespring inn, but during the evening he either finds his friends or pulls out his musical instruments to play for the locals.

Having lived at the Winespring inn his entire life Rodrick has become a familiar figure to pretty much everyone who lives in two rivers, he has seen many strangers come and go and as a child was pretty much entirely educated by the odd travelling gleemen that popped into the inn.
Rodrick recieved his first musical instrument after an elderly gleeman fell over and died at the inn shortly after becoming only the third person to complete the towns scrumpgut challenge, his reported last words were ‘let the brat have my lute so he doesn’t bother me in the afterlife for another song’
This was much to the annoyance of the locals since the next few years involved a young kid self teaching himself how to play the damn thing (nicknamed then, the Screacher), hard work does however pay off and few can really criticise his music, and its deffinetly an advantage the winespring has over the other inn .
But everyone knows that its telling stories that Rodrick shines at, even when he was very young he was always full of the most imaginative excuses to get out of trouble, usually getting himself into more as he dug the hole deeper and deeper. But no one in two rivers has heard more or told more than he has, the younger children expecially love him because he always gives the characters excellent voices, complete with accents of places no one in two rivers has ever been.

Despite all his occassional misadverntures cost him, Rodrick is quite popular within the village, expecially during festive days, this is much to the happiness of his parents,
his father is not to sure what the future holds for his boy, he’s popular, everyone knows him and potentially he might even become mayor one day if he matures well as he gets older, on the other hand the lad is restless and keeps strange friends, he’s not much of a farmer and hasn’t picked up any useful physical trade skills despite his best efforts, even the fine art of brewing has so far proven beyond him, nearly there but never quite clicking that patience is the key.

Nalei Al’Oroan

The Heroes Of Our Tale

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