House Rules


ouse Rules

Rounds And Actions
A minor change from the published rules in WFRP2.Each combat rounds is 6 seconds long making a minute 10 combat rounds. During a round, each character and NPC gets 1 full action, 1 move action and any number (within reason) of free actions.

Each character and NPC gets 1 reaction per combat round which they may spend to dodge or parry an incoming attack they are aware of. If they know the correct weaves, a channeler can use their reaction to counter any weave they are aware of.

Shields and Off-Hand Weapons
A character with an off-hand weapon or a shield gets an additional free parry action that does not use up his reaction for that turn, effectively giving the character 2 reactions although they cannot both be used on the same attack. If an off-hand weapon is used to parry it takes a -20 WS penalty to the parry attempt.
Off hand weapons can also be used to make an additional attack (again at -20 WS) instead of an additional parry.

Fatigue is a measure of the characters exhaustion. They can be acquired in a number of different ways throughout the game and are regenerated at the rate of 1 per hour.
When fatigue points equal TB the character takes a T test or falls unconscious. If he passes the test stays up he takes a -10 penalty to all tests until his fatigue drops. When fatigue reaches 2xTB the character automatically falls unconscious for 1 hour or until revived by lowering his fatigue level.

House Rules

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