lossary Of Terms

Aes Sedai
An order of female channelers based in the white tower. They perform many tasks including healing, negotiating treaties between nations and hunting down and gentling men who can channel.

Age of Legends
The age before the breaking when the world was ruled by both male and female Aes Sedai who used the power to accomplish amazing feat.

The tribes who live in the desert on the far side of the dragon wall. They are famously fierce warriors who fight with their faces veiled in black

Aiel Waste
The Aiel Waste is the desert on the far side of the dragonwall. It is a hot, dry place where rain never falls. It is said that only Aes Sedai, Pedlars and Gleemen can safely enter the waste without permission and escort.

The term for one of the ‘sisterhoods’ within the Aes Sedai. There are 7 Ajahs knwon by colour: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Brown, Grey and White. Each has a different purview and attracts a different type of woman. An Aes Sedai chooses her Ajah when she swears the 3 oathes.

An item created with the one power enhance a channelers ability to wield the one power to a small degree and help shield the channeler from the dangers of drawing to much of the power. Angreals can be designed to work for males or females. No angreals are know to exist that work for both men and women.

Amyrlin Seat
The leader of the Aes Sedai and ruler of Tar Valon. Commonly considered the most powerful woman in the world

Artur Hawkwing
A great general who once united the Westlands into a single empire. He was never defeated in battle. Artur Hawkwing famously hated Aes Sedai and laid siege to Tar Valon for 20 year. He never breached the walls but the siege was only lifted after his death.

The tree of life, The last Chora tree in existence rumoured to grow somewhere in the depths of the Aiel Waste. The trefoil shaped leaves are a common pattern in art and textiles.

A cutting of the tree of life, given to the Cairhien by the Aiel. King Laman cut the tree down to make a throne, sparking the Aiel War. The Aiel only retreated once Laman had been killed at the Battle of the Shining Walls.

The Collapse
The time before the war of the shadow when civilization first felt the touch of the dark one and began sliding into anarchy.

The Blight
The shadow tainted land to the north of the borderlands, the centre of which is the volcano of Shayol Ghul where the dark one is imprisoned. The blight is infested with shadowspawn and few sane men would enter it without good cause. Over the last few hundred years the blight has been growing slowly but steadily, beginning to encroach on the nations of the borderlands.

The Borderlands
The four allied nations of Saldaea, Kandor, Arafel and Shienar founded by Artur Hawkwings govenors after his death to hold back the blight from the rest of the westlands.

Children of the Light
A para-military organisation of zealots devoted to rooting out darkfriends but more often catching innocent eccentrics and reclusives. They are known as Whitecloaks because of the pure white cloaks and tabards they wear over their armour.

(Pronounced Kwen-Dee-Yar) Also known as Heartstone. Cuendillar is a substance created with the one power. Once created, no known force can mark or damage it. Using the one power on it only makes it stronger. Cuendillar is light and feels like glass, cold and slick, to the touch. The method of making Cuendillar was lost in The Collapse

Dark Friends
Men and women who have secretly sworn themselves to the service of the dark one. Being exposed as a darkfriend means certain execution in every nation of the Westlands.

Dark One
The antithesis of the Creator and source of all true evil in the world. The dark one will fight the dragon reborn at Tarmon Gaidon and if he wins the wheel of time will stop turning and darkness will cover the world forever.

The title granted to Lews Therin Telamon for his successes against the forces of the shadow. No-one knows where the word comes from but it may be a reference to the strange creature that famously adorned Lews Therins banner.

Deas Damar
The Great Game or, the Game of Houses. Deas Damar is a name for the complex political manouverings of the noble houses of all the nations of the westlands. The Cairhienen are particularly famous for their mastery of the ‘Game’ and are creditted with its invention but all the houses play it to some degree.

Dragons Fang
A Sinuous downward curving black tooth shape which is commonly found scrawled in charcoal or similar on the doors of suspected darkfriends.

The high mountain near the centre of the westlands. It was created by Lews Therin commiting suicide with the power after killing his wife and children.

Dragon Reborn
The prophesised reincarnation of Lews Therin Telamon. According to the prophecies of the dragon, the dragon reborn will both save and destroy the world at Tarmon Gaidon.

A darkfriend who can channel. The dreadlords were the darkones battlefield commanders during the war of the shadow.

Some channelers have the power to foretell the future through prophetic dreams. The talent is even rarer than foretelling and more difficult to interpret giving clues to possible futures rather than a future set in stone.

First Age
The age before the age of legend. Almost nothing is known of this time.

The thirteen most powerful dreadlords, chosen by the dark one and given immortality. The forsaken were imprisoned with the dark one when Lews Therin sealed the prison.

A talent of some who can channel to tell the future in the form of prophecy. The talent is rare and not well understood.

False Dragon
Across the centuries many men have taken the title of dragon reborn for their own personal gain. They have all been pulled down after causing much damage. The most recent false dragon it Loghain Albar, currently still at large in Ghealdan with an army known as the people of the dragon.

Flame Of Tar Valon
A sinuous upward curving pure white flame which forms the emblam of Tar Valon and the Aes Sedai

Fortress of the Light
The home base of the children of the light in Amadecia.

The act of cutting off a man permanently from Saidin. Gentling is the only way to stop a male channeler going insane.

The Hundred Companions
The hundred male Aes Sedai that accompanied Lews Therin to Shayol Ghul. They were the first to go mad when Saidin was tainted.

Jain Farstrider
A famous explorer and adventurer whose exploits are chronicled in The Travels of Jain Farstrider, a popular book throughout the westlands.

Kareathon Cycle
The translated prophecies of the dragon collected together over the past 2 thousand years.

Lews Therin Telamon
The first Dragon. Lews Therin was the most powerful of the Aes Sedai in the age of legends. He led the armies of the light to victory and re-sealed the dark ones prison before going mad and killing his family. He commited suicide by drawing to much of the one power and created Dragonmount in the process.

Lion Throne
The throne of Andor, named for the carved lions worked into the thones high back.

‘Mountain Home’ In the old tongue. Manetheren was a great nation which covered most of what is now Andor. It was a member of the compact of nations and was destroyed in the Trolloc Wars. The final stand of the armies of Manetheren took place on the site where the village of Emonds Field now stands

An ancient race of people who live separate from humans in forested townships called Stedding. Ogier were allied to the forces of the light during the war of the shadow and the trolloc wars and their famous stonemasons helped rebuild many of the great cities after the fighting was done.

Old Tongue
The language of the age of legend. Now spoken only by a few scholars.

One Power
The one power is the force that turns the wheel of time. It is formed of to halves, Saidin, the male half and Saidar, the female. The source can be channelled and shaped (woven) by those who have the talent and training to achieve many amazing things from calling down lightning to healing mortal wounds and deadly diseases.

Red Ajah
One of to the seven ajahs of the Aes Sedai. Women of the red dedicate themselves to hunting down and killing or gentling men who can channel. They are the only ajah who never take warders and regard all men with distrust and suspicion.

The female half of the source, channelled by the Aes Sedai

The tainted male half of the source. Channeling Saidin slowly drives the wielder mad.

Shayol Ghul
The volcano in the blight that is the earthly anchor of the dark ones prison.

The true name of the dark one. Never spoken aloud for fear of attracting the dark ones attention.

Seanchan Continent
Another land on the far side of the Aryth Ocean

The Sea Folk
A nation of people who live their entire lives aboard ship. They sail further than any other travellers and trade with all the coastal nations of the Westlands.

Myrdaal, Trollocs, Dhragkar, Grey Men and others. Shadowspawn are creatures created by the dark one to fight for him. They haven’t been seen in thousands of years and probably died out after the trolloc wars.

A mysterious land on the far side of the Aiel wastes that no-one from the westlands has had any contact with since the breaking of the world. It is rumoured that the sea folk trade with them but nothing is known for certain.

The forested groves where the Ogeir live. It is said that stedding are filled with a sense of peace and tranquility.

The act of cutting a woman off permanently from Saidar. Stilling is used by the Aes Sedai as a penalty for one of their number who commits particularly vile and serious crimes.

Tar Valon
The city built around the white tower of the Aes Sedai. The city is the largest in the world and is ruled by the Amyrlin Seat.

A ta’veren is a central focal point for a Web of Destiny in the Pattern. These people are spun out and used by the Wheel to correct itself when the weave begins to drift from the intended Pattern. Since the purpose of ta’veren is to influence life threads to create change, the destinies of ta’veren themselves are more strictly controlled by the Wheel of Time itself than those of an average person.

Trolloc Wars
A series of wars fought against a huge invasion of shadowspawn from the blight about 2000 years ago.

True Source
The source of the one power that drives the wheel of time.

War of the Shadow
The war fought against the dark ones forces after the collapse.

One of the entrances to ‘The Ways’. Each gate takes the form of a stone arch carved to resemble the meeting branches of two trees. The key to either side of each gate is a carving of the trefoil leaf of Avendasora.

The Ways
A network of bridges and gates in the travelling realm. Constructed by the last of the male Aes Sedai of the age of legends in gratitude for the shelter given to the them by the Ogier Stedding. The ways provide swift travel between waygates allowing a person to travel hundreds of leagues in a few days. The ways were constructed with the tainted power of Saidin and have become to dangerous to use. They are haunted by a deadly force known as Machin Shin ‘The Black Wind’

Way of the Light
A book written by the philosopher Lothain Mantelar. It is the foundation of the beliefs and philosophy of the Children of the Light.

The lands west of the dragonwall as far as the Aryth Ocean to the west, the sea of storms to the south and the great blight to the north.

Yellow Ajah
One of the seven Ajahs of the Aes Sedai. Women of the yellow devote themselves to the study and practice of the healing arts. Mostly they focus on the use of the one power to heal but some also study herb lore and other, more esoteric techniques as well.


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