Experience And Advancement


xperience Awards

Characters can be advanced by spending experience points (XP) earned in game. There are several ways to earn experience points.

  • 50XP for attending a game session.
  • 50XP for completing a major plot point or story arc.
  • 10XP for writing a IC Journal entry about the previous session.
  • 10XP bonus for exceptional role-playing or planning.
  • 10-50XP bonus for OOC contribution.

By spending 100XP, any of the following can be bought.

  • +5 to any primary statistic.
  • +1 Wound, Attack or Magic Point.
  • Any new skill.
  • An upgrade to an existing skill.
  • A new talent.

When a character is newly generated he can only be bought the statistic upgrade on his advance scheme. Once the career is complete experiance can be spent on any skill talent or statistic increase that the character is eligable for. A maximum of 10 upgrades can be bought for any one statistic (3 for Attacks and 1 for Movement).

The following Skills and Talents have been changed from their original description in the WFRP core rules.

  • Channeling: Now used to prepare to use a weave of the one power
  • Hypnotism: Removed
  • Magical Sense: Allows a character with a Magic statistic of 1 or higher to sense when other channelers of the same sex are channeling nearby and see their weaves.
  • Secret Language: Removed
  • Speak Arcane Language: Removed
  • Speak Language: New list of options: Plain Chant, High Chant, Old Tongue
  • Aethyric Attunement: Changed to <weave> Attunment. Grants +10 to successful casting rolls for all weaves of the specified type.
  • Arcane Lore: Changed to New Weave. Options: Healing
  • Armoured Caster: Removed
  • Dark Lore: Changed to Forbidden Weaves. Options: none… yet
  • Divine Lore: Removed
  • Dwarfcraft: Becomes mastercraft, identical function but available to anyone with a crafting Trade skill.
  • Hedge Magic: Removed
  • Lesser Magic: Removed
  • Meditation: Removed
  • Petty Magic: Removed
  • Resistence to Chaos: Removed
  • Resistence to Magic: Removed

Experience And Advancement

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