The Tinkers, known amongst themselves as the Tuatha’an. Are a nomdic people who wander the westlands in caravans of brightly coloured wagons searching for ‘The Song’, though they dont’t know what this song sounds like they claim they will know it when they hear it. It is thought by some that they seek the Ogier ‘Song Of Growing’. Accordingly, the leader of each group is called the Mahdi or Seeker.

The Way of the Leaf defines how the Tuatha’an interact with outsiders. Tuatha’an will never do any violence, be it in anger or self-defense, not even to save their own life or that of another. If they feel that violence or physical confrontation may ensue, they will simply hide or leave the area. They also do not stay near areas where population is concentrated, as there is a greater propensity for violence in larger settlements. Their beliefs and actions frequently earn them repudiation by common folk.

The Tuatha’an have a bad reputation throughout the land. They are considered habitual thieves and, though they do not actively recruit new members, are often accused of trying to convert children to the Way of the Leaf.

Tinker Aes Sedai are also very rare as very few Tinker children wish to channel, as then they must become Aes Sedai and break from the Way of the Leaf

Known Tinkers
Dasra Alhari – Tinker Mahdi
Bekka Alhari – Dasra’s Wife
Esmerelda Alhari – Dasra’s Daughter


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