The Two Rivers


he Two Rivers

The Two Rivers is a region in western Andor, getting its name from the River Tarendrelle to the north and the White River to the south. It contains the villages of Taren Ferry, Devon Ride, Emonds Field, and Watch Hill, along with a number of independent farms.
The two rivers is geographical isolated. In addition to being bordered by rivers on two sides, with only one crossing in and out at Taren Ferry, it is walled off by the Mountains of Mist to the west, and the Waterwood, a treacherous uncharted swamp, effectively bars travel to the east. For long periods of time, the Two Rivers has simply let history, and world events, pass it by.

Whilst technically part of Andor, the villages of the two rivers have been effectively self governed for generations. Most residents don’t even know they are part of a larger kingdom. The villages and independant from each other and practice a form of gender-based bicameral government. Official governance is provided by a Village Council consisting of the most respected men of each village. New members are chosen by the other members of the council. The council is headed by a mayor who is elected by popular vote of the villages.
A second ruling body called the Women’s Circle controls community matters. Members of the circle are always elder females who are chosen by existing members. The Women’s Circle is headed by a Wisdom who serves for life. The Women’s Circle presides over all marrages in the village. In all the villages of the Two Rivers, political control exists as an ongoing willful struggle between the Village Council and the Women’s Circle. In general however, the Village Council tends to regulate economic matters and the Women’s Circle holds sway over social issues.

Inhabitants of the area live a lifestyle centered around farming and tradecraft. Adult women wear their hair in a Braid and a young girl in the Two Rivers is allowed to braid her hair only when the Women’s Circle determines that she is of marriageable age. Men are usually farmers or masters of a trade skill. Every spring villagers hold a Beltane festival where contests are held and unmarried adult villagers are encouraged to dance together around a Spring Pole. All inhabitants of the Two Rivers are known for a strong streak of stubbornness. As a consequence they are a hardy folk unwilling to give up even when times are tough. While on the surface it may seem to outsiders that the conflict between the Village Council and the Women’s Circle is forever ongoing, villagers are actually fiercely loyal to each other. As a result they will fight united with every fiber of their being to protect their property and way of life.

The economy of the Two Rivers depends primarily upon Tabac and Sheep farming. Guarded merchant caravans will journey to the villages from Baerlon during certain times of the year in order to purchase and return with these commodities.

Locations In The Two Rivers

Emonds Field
Devon Ride
Taren Ferry
Watch Hill

The Two Rivers

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