Ogier (pronounced: OH-gehr) are a race of non-human creatures who have an intense love of knowledge and peace. They are great architects and stonemasons, responsible for many of the most impressive structures and cities of the world. Ogier stonework is known for its organic nature, often appearing to have been grown like plants. However, it is considered to be a skill they picked up during the Breaking, and unimportant compared to their first love, forestry. They love the trees of their stedding, and grew groves near the cities they built to remind them of their home. Even their written language resembles growing leaves and vines.

Ogier men stand about ten feet tall (half again as tall as a man). The women are only slightly shorter, and softer in feature. They have broad noses, wide mouths, long tufted ears, and eyes the size of teacups. Ogier are very long lived compared to humans. A Ogier of 90 is considered to be young and irresponsible, much like a human teenager and the oldest of their kind can live to almost 1000


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