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The World Of The Wheel

HistoryA Timeline And History Of The World
NationsDetails Of Nations And City-States In The Westlands
FactionsOther Groups Of Note And Influence
PeopleThe Great, Good And Less Good Of The Westlands And Beyond
RacesNon-Human Allies And Enemies
LocationsPlaces The Party Visit
Prophecies Of The DragonWhat Is Yet To Come

Our Epic Saga

The Heroes Of Our TaleDetails Of The Player Characters
Their Mighty DeedsOut-Of-Character Accounts Of Each Session
In Their Own WordsIn-Character Journals

Out-Of-Character Information

Character CreationRules For Creating Characters
Experience And AdvancementXP Awards and How To Spend Them
Channeling The One PowerA Homebrew Magic System
House RulesRules Tweaks As They Happen
GlossaryExplanation Of In-Character Terms
UpdatesUpdates To The Wiki As They Happen

Main Page

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