Emonds Field


monds Field

Emond’s field is located north of Devon Ride and south of Watch Hill at the intersection of the North Road and the Old Road. West from the village stretches the Quarry Road which passes through the Westwood and the Sand Hills to terminate at the Mountains of Mist. The community is the largest of the villages in the region and has been built surrounding a Green where a natural aquifer, the Winespring, flows continuously from a low stone outcropping. The Winespring is the headwater for the Winespring Water which flows east through the green under two low railed footbridges, the Wagon Bridge, and passes adjacent to the Winespring Inn. From there the stream widens with willow trees dotting its banks, passes the mill, and eventually splits into several flows in the Waterwood before draining into The Mire. While most villagers reside inside the community limits, some others live on outlying farms.

The economy of Emond’s Field depends primarily upon Tabac farming and wool gathering. Guarded merchant caravans will journey to the village from Baerlon and Taren Ferry during certain times of the year in order to purchase and return with these commodities. Commerce takes place upon the village green and, as a function of his office to ensure a fair marketplace, Mayor Hayner dons his badge of office while observing all transactions and weighing coins with a set of merchants scales. In addition to these commodities, the economy of Emond’s Field also depends on the tradecraft of blacksmith Haral Luhhan, mill owner Jon thane, thatcher Cenn Buie, and horsetrader Abell Cauthon. The Mayor and his wife Marin Hayner also enjoy a brisk business as owners of the Winespring Inn.


otable Places In Emonds Field

The Winespring Inn: The Winespring Inn is an inn in Emond’s Field owned by Bran Hayner. It stands on the east end of the Green beside the Wagon Bridge and adjacent to the Winespring Water. Bran’s wife Marin is the inn’s cook.
The first floor of the inn is constructed of river rock, though built upon a foundation of much older stone. The foundation continues south of the inn proper and represents the remnants of an older, larger structure. A large oak now grows amidst these ruins and shades an area where, in the summertime, Bran Hayner sets tables so villagers can drink, talk, and play Stones.
The Winespring Inn serves as the meeting place for the Village Council and, along with the green, as a primary focal point for village functions.
The second floor is whitewashed and extends out over the lower floor for the entire perimeter. The structure has a dozen chimneys and a red tiled roof that was the first non-thatched covering in Emond’s Field. Bran Hayner lives with his family at the back of the second floor

Master Luhhan’s Forge: The forge is a heavy stone structure built across the green from the Winespring Inn and, after the inn, is probably the oldest structure in the village by several hundred years. The forge is operated by Harral Luhhan and his apprentice Berek. The door is always open and it is a favourite resting place for the men of the village where in summer the can stand in the sun and smoke a pipeful with master Luhhan and in winter they can huddle round the forge with a cup of tea and perhaps a dash of Brans famed apple brandy whilst outside the rest of the village shivers in the bitter wind that blows down from the Mountains of Mist

Village Green: The village green is a common open area at the centre of Emonds field. The green is right by the three intersecting roads that Emonds field is constructed around. At the centre of the green is the Winespring, a good sized natural spring which is the source of the Winespring Water, a small stream that flows out of the village towards the waterwood and the Mire beyond.
As in most villages, the green is the hub of life in Emonds field. It serves as town hall, courthouse, marketplace, a venue for weddings, festivals and other celebrations and a place to meet friends and stop for a chat.

Notable People Of Emonds Field

Nynaeve Al’MearaVillage Wisdom
Brandlewyn ‘Bran’ HaynerMayor and Innkeeper
Haral LuhhanVillage Blacksmith
Rhianna CauthonDaughter of Local Horsebreeder
*Rose Conger – Village Girl

Emonds Field

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