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The Children of the Light were founded in FY 1021 during the War of the Hundred Years by Lothair Mantelar. They were originally preachers working to expose Darkfriends, using Mantelar’s book The Way of the Light as their guide. At first they only defended themselves against the Shadow, but by FY 1111 they had become a fully militarized force.

The Children’s power and prestige was initially limited, but over the succeeding one thousand years, as the influence of the Aes Sedai began to ebb due to their declining numbers and failure to prevent the War of the Hundred Years and many subsequent conflicts, they became more popular and powerful. In the 930s NE they reached an accord with the king of Amadicia, who agreed to let them establish a permanant base of operations, the Fortress of the Light, in the capital city of Amador. However, the power of the Children within Amadicia rapidly outstripped that of the king, and within a few years the royal Serenda Palace had been removed to outside the capital and the Amadician army reduced to an auxillary force under the Children. The Children entered a period of rapid growth under young, successful military commanders such as Pedron Niall, and in 957 NE, they launched an ambitious attempt to bring the much larger and more divided neighboring kingdom of Altara under their rule in what became known as the Whitecloak War. The kingdoms of Illian and Murandy intervened in the conflict and the Children were forced to abandon the attempt, despite significant military gains and successes.


The Children of the Light always wear a pure white cloak or tabard over their clothes and armor. The left breast of each has a golden sunburst worked into it, a symbol of the light. Each garb is further adorned with silver lightning blots for under-officers and golden stars or knots in increasing quantity to indicate rank for higher officers.
Each Child is armored with conical metal helm and plain breastplate. Swords are worn by all Children, though never in the audience chamber of the Lord Captain Commander or beneath the Dome of Truth.
Members of the Hand of the Light wear the same cloths as other Children, save for them having a blood-red shepherd’s crook emblazoned behind the sunburst. The High Inquisitor wears only the red crook devoid of the flaring sun.

The Children of the Light believe in the destruction of Darkfriends, in all echelons of society and in every land. Thinking that since the One Power was used during the Breaking of the World that all who touch it are Darkfriends. Thus all Aes Sedai serve the Shadow. They believe in strict military disicpline for all and are ruthless about their beliefs. It is not uncommon for Children to believe someone a Darkfriend before they even accuse.

The Children of the light follow very strict ascetic beliefs, and usually give the impression that they alone know the truth and path to righteousness. Mantelar’s book The Way of the Light serves as ideological guide for the Children of the Light. In the book he outlined a humble, simple life dedicated to serving the Light that he believed all should follow.

The philosophy of the Children is a blend of retribution and redemption. While they believe that “no man is so lost that he cannot be brought to the Light,” the penalty for being a Darkfriend is death. They also say that, “The sins of the mother are visited to the fifth generation and the sins father to the tenth.”

Known Children Of The Light
Child Jarad Byar – Junior officer in Lord Captain Bornhalds Legion

Children Of The Light

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