Character Creation


haracter Generation

  • Primary Statistics: The first part of generating a character for The Wheel turns is to create the 8 core statistics of the a character (WS, BS, S, T, Ag, Int, Wp, Fel). To do this roll D10+20, 3 sets of 8 times for a total of 24 numbers 22-40. Pick 1 of the 3 sets and assign each number to a statistic.

  • Secondary Statistics: The second part of character gen is to fill in the secondary stats (A, W, SB, TB, M, Mag, IP, FP) a character begins with 1 Attack, 4 Movement, 0 Magic, 0 Insanity and 3 Fate Points. The Strength and Toughness bonuses are equal to the first digit of the charcters Strength and Toughness scores. Wounds are generated by rolling 1D10 on the Wounds table on pg19 of WFRP Core Book.

  • Career: Next a new character requires a career to inform his starting skills, talents and equipment The career represents a characters life and occupation before he began his life of adventure. Choose a career from one of the following list. The character gains all the skills talents and trappings of his chosen career and may chose 1 +1 or +5% statistic increase from the careers upgrade scheme.

    • Agitator
    • Boatman
    • Bone Picker
    • Burgher
    • Charcoal Burner
    • Entertainer
    • Farmer
    • Ferryman
    • Fisherman
    • Fieldwarden
    • Gambler
    • Wise Man/Woman (Hedge Wizard)
    • Peasant
    • Rat Catcher
    • Thug
    • Toll Keeper
    • Tradesman
    • Vagabond
    • Woodsman
  • Extra Talents a new character gains 2 additional random talents chosen by rolling on the Random Talents table on pg19 of the WFRP core book using the Human column. At the GMs discretion, the extra talents may be picked based on character background instead.

  • Changes for Turning Of The Wheel: Every character begins with Read/Write (at +10 if it appears on the starting career already) Common Knowledge: Empire is replaced with Common Knowledge: Westlands. Secret languages are removed. Speak Language: Reikspiel is replaced with Speak language: Common and other languages are removed or replaced as the GM decides.

  • Starting Equipment: Every character begins with a dagger and 1D10 silver shillings.

  • Spark Of Life: consult the charts on pg24-25 of WFRP core rules and either choose or roll randomly from the tables there to determine hair/eye colour, height etc.

Character Creation

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