Channeling The One Power


hannelling The One Power

The One Power:
The one power is dived into to halves, Saidin and Saidar, The male and female parts respectively. Both sides are divided into 5 elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit which a channeler can weave in different patterns and combination’s to produce effects as widely varied as healing a sword wound or throwing a fireball.
A character with the ability to channel the one power must have the following abilities.

  • 1+ Magic Points
  • The ‘Channelling’ Skill
  • The ‘Magic Sense’ Skill
  • One or more Weave Talents

Casting A Weave:
In order to cast a weave a character must first open themselves to the power. In men this is called Seizing and in women, Embracing. To open themselves to the power, a character must pass a channelling skill check. When attempted in combat this check is a half action and, unlike most combat actions, can be taken a second time in one turn if the first attempt fails.
Once The character holds the power they may attempt to cast any weave they know by rolling a number of D10s up to their Magic Statistic. The dice are totalled and if they equal or beat the weaves casting number then the weave is successfully cast. every 10 points by which the casting number is beaten adds extra power or an additional effect detailed in the weaves description below.
A channeler cannot affect themselves with a weave so it is impossible for a channeler to heal himself or fly by carrying himself in flows of air. It is unknown why this is but the attemp to affect oneself has been likened to a strong man trying to carry himself over his own shoulder.

Each weave has a casting time, usually expressed in terms of rounds, during which the player may do nothing except cast the weave. If the casting time is a full action then the character may still take their move and free actions but may only move at half their normal movement rate as using the one power takes great concentration..
If a weave has casting time of a half action then it is possible to cast 2 weaves in the same turn.

Drain Points:
Channelling characters have an extra statistic called Drain Points. Every 0 rolled during a casting roll adds one to the characters drain score. When the drain points equal the characters Magic statistic he is exhausted and must sleep for 8 hours or rest for 12 before he can safely channel again. In extremis, a character may continue to cast after reaching his drain limit but he continues to accumulate drain points and for every point by which his drain score exceeds his magic score he suffers 1 wound. If this damage reaches critical levels then all critical hits are assumed to be to the head.

Concentration And Tying Off:
Weaves that have a duration of ‘Concentration’ require continual concentration to use. If a character wishes to make any action or reaction other than a standard move or free action they must first pass a willpower test. more than one weave of this type can be sustained at the same time but each weave must be tested for separately and all the tests suffer a -10 Wp penalty for each additional weave.
Weaves of this type can be ‘Tied off’ to sustain them without concentration. Tying off is complicated and takes a minimum of a half action to achieve in addition to the initial casting time. The weave can be tied off at any time, not just in the turn when it is cast.
Weaves can be tied with more complicated ‘knots’ by spending additional time on the weave. Weaves can be untied by anyone who can see the weaves and is currently able to channel. To untie a weave requires a successful WP test followed by 1 full action of uninterrupted concentration for every half action the original caster spent tying the weave off.
A tied off weave will last until it is dispelled by the caster or untied by another channeler

Angreal And Sa’angreal
Some items in the game world can increase a channelers power. Angreal and Sa-angreals normally have a rating of 1-10. If a channeler is carrying an Angreal he adds the items power rating in D10s to all his casting rolls. If he has a Sa’angreal he adds 10xPR to his casting rolls. These items also provide a buffer to the harm that overuse of the one power can cause. An Angreal or Sa’angreal can ‘Soak’ a number of drain points per day equal to its power rating. These soaked or neutralised drain points have no effect on his drain score so a channeler with a power 3 Angreal ignores the first 3 drain points he generates each day.

Weaves Of The Power

Fire Singing
Spirit Singing
Cloud Dancing

Channeling The One Power

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