Rodrick's Seventh Entry

So we managed to find a place even worse than the ways.

I’m not talking about Fal Dara, I have to say that place is quite impressive, walls lined with soldiers, massive gates, and Lord Algemar was a nice generous chap, he even offered soldiers to help us in a quest to save the world from uncertain demise (need to find a better way to express that) and gave us free access to his armouries, most of us took him up on that offer, I managed to get ahold of something abit tougher than my leathers which weren’t looking so good due to all the sword slashes across it. Lan can show off all he likes but Mr Tai Shar Malkier has several years of combat experience we don’t.

Mr Padan Fain turned up again, Berrik has ensured this will not happen again, he was quickly identified to the Fal Dara guards at what he truly was and sent to the dungeons to interrogated by Moiraine, his life story really was a sad pitiable one, Berriks killing him was more a mercy than anything else.

At first light we set off into the blight, we had fresh horses and fresh supplies courtesy of Lord Algemar, unfortunately I couldn’t locate a betting pool for us actually returning, I would of like to see the bookies take on our odds of survival. We bid Loiral a fair well and the fal dara troops accompanied us to the border before heading back.
The Journey of horrible, and the blasted cracked wastleland was paradise in comparison to the jungle, vile shadowspawn in that place, I think its at least a little concellation that if I don’t get out of the clearing alive I won’t have to go back through that damn putrid place again.

Currently we are in a cave, the jungle opened up into a large clearing bare of any of that foul vegetation, in the middle of the clearing is a large rocky hill with the cave we our now in, the entrance is as expected but the hallway that leads through the cave is quite impressive with glowing crystals and obvious fine workmanship, it leads into an large room with a pool of crystal clear water thats apparently the last amount of untainted Saidin in the world, I thought the eye of the world would look more….grand, now that we’re here I have no idea what where meant to actually be doing to stop the dark ones plans, and Berrik is saying theres two people incoming now, this is not going to end well….

Rodrick's Seventh Entry

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