Rodrick's Ninth Entry

I woke up with one of the castle maids shaking me awake and a pounding headache as if a trolloc had smacked me around with a giant hammer, I was later informed that one in fact did and last night was a bit crazy, my sword was still blood soaked and lying in the corner.

After a good hangover curing breakfast we met with lord Algamar who was busy being terrified, he explained that the bloody horn had been stolen from his personal vaults during last nights attack and the Amyrlin Seat is due to arrive soon….crap….that is all.

It wasn’t long before the master of ceremonies had us all running at his beck and call, get dressed up for the big event and I must say when I met the lady herself I was pretty impress, I like a woman who looks like they can get stuff done, but shes an Aes Sedai so I don’t know if I should be hitting on her or calling her gran (from far far far away).

It wasn’t long before she had basically taken over, leaving lord Algamar completely speechless and suitable chastined for losing the DAMN HORN THAT SIGNALS THE END OF THE WORLD!!!!
anyways looks like I’m next in line for the ‘interviews’

Rodrick's Ninth Entry

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