Rodrick's Fourth Entry

Its been a great few weeks, ended with a large amount of sheer panic and terror, but I a good few weeks nonetheless.

Managed to win some money off Berek at some good old fashioned brawling and left whitebridged without seeing any of the sites, narrowly avoiding a small horde of black carriages going the opposite direction as we left.

The caravan work was mostly boring and tedious but at least it paid and left us plenty of free time, it was only a couple of days traveling before a group whom the caravan master called tinkers were travelling nearly alongside of us, rumours abounded that they were thieves and baby snatchers but we decided it was worth checking them out, if the rumours were true we could likely talk the master into extra pay for keeping an eye on them.
Fotunately the rumours were completely basis, those were some of the nicest people I have ever been lucky enough to meet, every night we went back to their camp to trade stories, try delicious food and play songs new an old, even jonah was quite a dancer, the ladies lined up for him much to naleis disapproval of her own line of young men asking her to dance, hell berek even relaxed and had fun.
They were very disapproving of my sword, but I understand way, the way of the leaf is a very special thing, but as much as they tried to talk me around to it, and I was tempted, its not the way for me, foresaking the blade will lead me to a early grave.
eventually we had to part ways and they presented each of us with a wonderfully carved flute, a fine present. I’ll miss those guys.

It was when we reached a town called four kings that things took a turn for the worst, the heavens opened and a great storm made its presence known, rather than stay with the caravan we opted to find an inn only to find virtually all of them already fully book, one inn however was not, and for good reason, a dank vipers nest it was. I was tempted to simply leave and take shelter at the caravan but the bar keep managed to convince me to stay, a good meal, drinks and a bed for the night in exchange for providing some entertainment to the inn, something I always enjoy doing, the previous entertainer was an insult to music.
halfway through my performance a man in black entered the inn, everything about him screamed dodgy, in hindsight at that point I should of considered not sleeping at the inn, but I decided between myself and Nalei we should be fine as long as we watched each others back.

And I would of been right if that bastard didn’t bring friends and lots of them, we were really backed into a corner, to many of them to fight by ourselves, but with a bit of quick talking I managed to seem friendly enough not to be knocked out on the spot, a quick into a black coach and we were quite thoroughly captured but conscious at least, a bit more convincing got him to take a trip back to the caravan to try find the others rather than transporting us directly to the great dark bastard.
playing a bad hand…badly he quickly located jonah and I had hoped jonah could come up with a genius plan to get us out of the mess, instead he was swiftly rendered unconscious.
Then straight and reckless the coach went into the forest, an opportunity.
Thank the light for Berek, the coach came across him quickly and at speed, I felt the impact of his hammer from the inside of the coach and the entire thing flipped head over heel.
My bad hand had come up a winner on the river!
With a fighting chance granted a melee erupted around and within the caravan, many of the dark friends had already died when the coach had flipped and crushed them, but we were still outnumbered more than 2 to 1, it was a tooth and nail fight and it ended with a huge flash of lightning barely a few feet away from us, everybody died, with the exceptions of Myself and my friends of course.
Still however we did not find the dark friends leader amongst the dead, and we had injured to tend to. he’ll be a problem later.

Rodrick's Fourth Entry

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