Rodrick's Eleventh Entry

Its been a tough week.

After the brutal fight in the strange world we took a little time to let Nalei tend to our wounds and set out again to check out a nearby camp, Berrik and Jonah scouted out ahead and reported it to be a camp of trollocs, unfortunately Naleis light had given our position away and the group of trollocs quickly sent several of their numbers to check out where we had been, those ‘several’ were dealt with in short order but the rest of them quickly fled at high speed into the night.
After some argument and discussion we set forth to follow them after all it was likely they were the ones that had the horn in their possession, the next few days were exhausting but we managed to pick up supplies and keep a good pace with the trollocs, Serene was having quite some trouble with the pace we had to set, hell I was having alot of trouble with the pace we had to set.

For about a week all we did was run, jog, eat and sleep, every day my body ached all over but we couldn’t afford to let the trollocs get away.
Eventually one night we saw the trollocs camp fire again about a dozen miles away on top of a hill, Berrek instantly ran off into the night occasionally howling like a mad man, it was difficult to keep up but this would likely be our last chance before they simply out paced us.

The battle was a brutal affair but the trollocs and their leader were slain, it was shocking to see wolves rush to our aid but they dragged down many of the enemy and ripped out their throats. we likely would of been defeated if not for them.
Its a shame that the darkfriends escaped somehow in a flash of light, it is also very worrying that Serene has also disapeared without a trace, leaving neither track nor scent that can be followed, maybe she somehow returned to that strange world, who knows?

Now we have the horn of Valere in our possession once again and the world is open to us, to be honest I don’t know where we should go next, the aeil wastes seem intreging but it is a very long journey, first I think we should find a nice place to relax so I can get a chance to read this heavy damn book Loial has lent me, perhaps it might shed some light on what we are doing and what we should be doing.

Rodrick's Eleventh Entry

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