Rodrick's Eighth Entry

I now have some excellent story material for some future songs, with alot of tweaking I might even be able to make it sound like we didn’t have our asses handed to us after that last fight,

The dark ones knew what they were doing, removing Lan and moraine from the fight with some kind of weave power before beginning the attack in earnest.

Berrik was the first to go down dragging the old man in black with him into the eye of the world, The other man in black with the butchers blade fought visciously against Jonah, Nalei and I, Jonah was the second to go down from a brutal blow that left him unconscious and bleeding to death on the ground, Nalei was badly wounded but not out when the bastard pinned me against the wall using a power similar to the one that had Lan and Moraine pinned, fortunately his attention was diverted while he was about to strike my own deathblow and Nalei incinerated him from behind.

suddenly the force that held us disapeared and Moraine was able to give some much needed emergency healing to Jonah before he bled out, we found Berrik at the bottom of where the pool used to be more or less intact and the old man not quite so intact, did we just destroy the eye of the world? I can’t really tell if we won or lost, but I suppose we’re still alive so thats a point in our favour.
There was some other interesting stuff at the bottom of the pool, a nice rock thats apparently special, and two other very special items, they have proper names as items of legend but for now THE Horn and THE Banner will do, has a bit more of an impact that way.

A momentous occassion had obviously occured, the trip back to Fal Dara was peaceful and a feast will soon be held in our groups honour, important people will soon be arriving and an even bigger feast will be held, but for now I am tired and I think I shall enjoy a few days of peace and quiet.

Rodrick's Eighth Entry

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