Berek - Lightning Strikes

After a little more brawling, and a few more coins earned for everyone, we managed to join the caravan and leave White Bridge, without having seen the famous bridge. While Rodrick and Nalei reclined and enjoyed a life of loafing, Jonah and myself worked to set up camp and do any carrying or lifting which was required. Simple tasks, and none too taxing between us. We were warned of a group of travellers, moving parallel with our caravan, and accused of thieving. I am not one to take such warnings without some evidence, and so we decided to join the travellers at night.

I realised that it has been long enough since we left Emond’s Field that Rose will have been told that I am dead. Hopefully she will mourn only a short time, since I see now that we will not be returning, or at least not returning as the people who left. Too much is happening, and I would not bring such misery onto our home again.

The travellers were not thieves – rather they were a pleasant lot, if completely inneffectual and blinded by their pacificism. I hope that they will not encounter any of the dangers we have seen, but suspect it will be a futile hope. Eventually we reached a town called Four Kings, where we separated as has become our want – Rodrick and Nalei to find a soft bed for the night, and Jonah and myself to the camp, and small space in the woods in turn.

My concern has been proven however. Rodrick, Nalei and even Jonah were taken by Dark Friends, though Jonah was at least able to put up a token of resistance. It was fortunate that I chose to sleep at a distance into the woods – the carriage was unable to approach quietly, and I was able to disable it. We made a good showing for ourselves, despite Nalei being wounded and poisoned, but were outnumbered. It was only went a strike of lightning came that we were thrown clear of the conflict, and our remaining attackers were finished.

Berek - Lightning Strikes

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