Berek - Encounter With An Old Friend

We arrived at Taren Ferry without any further incident, though there were signs of destroyed settlements off from the road for most of our trip. If we truly are responsible for bringing this disaster down upon the Two Rivers then it is best that we leave as soon as we can. At the cheaper inn of the two in the village we paid for lodgings and food (only discovering afterwards that the Aes Sedai with us would’ve happily done so) and settled in for the night. With a few arm wrestling matches I managed to talk to the owner of the ferry itself, and get some gossip.

It appears that there have been more than a few sightings by travellers of the creature which attacked Emond’s Field, now named to us by Lan as a Myrdraal, while the beast-men were Trollocs. Apparently the beasts that it leads are little more than savages – primitive, undisciplined, useless as anything other than a raiding party.

In Taren Ferry we were awoken by the screeching of Nalei – I do not envy her husband, should she ever find one, to find that something was occurring. I am not quite clear what, the flight from the hayloft to the ferry was not interrupted, and there seemed to be no fire or attack despite the crowd. Moving the ferry was hard work (I understand now why Toby could beat me at arm wrestling) but we managed, and I destroyed the anchor point on the other side to prevent pursuit. Possibly not an action that will make us popular, but better than the alternative of being followed.

Despite my suggestion we rode our horses hard, having to stop and let them rest rather than conserving their strength for flight when we might truly need it. On the other hand we did at least agree that we should only stop in settlements capable of defending themselves – others would be suitable only to collect provisions before moving on to camp in the wilderness. A few days of such hardship (particularly telling on that pampered nit, Rodrick, brought us to Baerlon and a wall which could actually stand against attack.

Things seemed calm, at first, in Baerlon as we settled in to an inn and I managed to persuade Morraine to part with some coins for supplies. Given what we have been through recently, I thought a bit of armour might be worth adding to my usual clothing. It was shortly after this that Rodrick (obviously he does have some uses) spotted a merchant from the village – one who had been in Emond’s Field on the day of the attack with a full cart of goods, and had not left before us.

We gave chase and managed to catch him, bringing him back for a polite meal and a few questions. I will not write down the full details here, but suffice it to say that we now know how we were found, and how the Dark Friends were alerted in Taren Ferry.

Berek - Encounter With An Old Friend

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