Berek - Daggers in the Night

Despite the journay being pleasantly quiet without Nalei’s normal nagging, her injury was concerning. It was obvious that poison was involved somehow but there was nothing we could do – even the town’s apothecary recomended only rest. Rodrick and Jonah’s own weakness or illness did not help matters with the caravan master – I cannot blame him for dismissing them, and he kindly offered to keep me on. Were it not for the certainty that abandoning them would lead to their deaths I might have done so.

During the night, where I was forced to sleep in the stables due to the lack of a decent forest hereabouts, some woman tried to stab me. My caution has once again been rewarded, as her blade simply broke against my armour. Gentle questioning revealed little useful information, some nonsense about an eye of the serpent, or of the world, or some similar. She was such a pitiable sight, and so ineffectual, that I allowed her to leave after she had answered me.

A sad night followed in Carysford when Rodrick’s sword was revealed – he has now had the sense to conceal the markings upon it – and a fight led to several deaths. I was wroth to kill, and tried to spare those I could be fighting with my hands when it would not mean my own death, but tragically I had to take the life of several.

We moved quickly after that, understandably, moving fast towards Caemlyn. I am tired now, and will write more when I have rested.

Berek - Daggers in the Night

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