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  • Thom Merrilin

    Thom is a gleeman. He travels from place to place singing for his supper and a few coins. He is a talented storyteller and musician and can also juggle, throw knives and even eat fire. He is also skilled at using the knives in combat as is obviously no …

  • Elyas Machera

    Elyas has lived for a long time in the wilds with only wolve for company. He shuns towns and cities where he can and instead stays out in the wilds. He seems to have an amazing affinity with wolves and has been seen running, fighting and sharing his camp …

  • Bayle Domon

    Bayle is captain of a sail barge called the _Spray_ which trades up and down the Manetherendrelle between Illian and Baerlon. As a captain, Bayle is a formidable employer, but he makes good profits and shares them with his crew. He prefers to do all the …

  • Basil Gill

    Basel Gill is the innkeeper of the Queen's Blessing in Caemlyn and considers himself to be a good Queen's man. He has lived in Caemlyn all his life and fought with the Andoran armies during the Aiel War.

  • Loial son of Arent son of Halen

    Hot-headed for an Ogier, he is said to act an hour before he thinks. He loves books and reading, never being anywhere without one. The fastest runner in Stedding Shangtai, he once outran a horse. As his name suggests, he is loyal to his friends. He …

  • Lord Agelmar Jagad

    Agelmar Jagad, Lord of Fal Dara, is the nephew of King Easar of Shienar and commander of Shienar's armies. He is one of the Five Great Captains of the Westlands.

  • Ingtar Shinowa

    Ingtar is high born of a Shienaran noble house. He is an educated man and currently holds the office of Captain of the lord household guard.