The Wheel Turns...

Chapter 3: Flight Down The River


hite cloaks surrounded the inn…

…With a ring of torches, trapping the party inside. A whitecloak officer demanded to gain entrance to search the inn for Aes Sedai. Berek did his best to stall the man as his companions escaped out of the back of the inn with a parting gift from Moiraine of coins to disguise the Ta’verens effect on the pattern and instructions to follow the river to the town of Whitebridge and from there make their way to Caemlyn where the Aes Sedai would meet them at the Queens Blessing Inn. With Moiraine and Lan providing a distraction, the group fled the town and followed the course of the River Taren away from Baerlon.

For several days they traveled, their steps dogged by by wolves and strange flying creatures until on the fifth day they came across a strange, almost feral, man sitting by a campfire in the woods with a pair of wolves lying peacefully nearby. He introduced himself as Elyas Machera and allowed the small group to share his campfire, disappearing into the woods without a trace shortly before first light.

The following night the flying creature came again, and this time it brought Trollocs with it. Jonah managed to drive off the flying beast but the Trollocs attacked without mercy and almost overwhelmed the group when out of nowhere, a pack of wolves burst out of the trees, dragging down the trollocs and opening an escape route. On Bereks urging the party ran for the river bank and found a sail barge anchored by the bank. At the urging of the group and with the offer of both payment and service as oarsmen as far as Whitebridge, the captain, a man named Bayle Domon, gave the orders to cast off and the group proceeded down river.

The journey proceeded uneventfully until the last night when the flying creature returned… The four were talking with the captain in his cabin when they heard a strange singing out on deck. They burst out to discover the flying creature which immediately took flight leaving the duty watchman lying dead on the deck with an expression of terror frozen on his face and no other mark on him. Seeing this, the group decided to leave the barge early and proceeded on foot to the town.

They took rooms at an inn called the Mounted Blade and Rodrick managed to get the group hired to work on a caravan traveling to Caemlyn in two days time. Berek managed to get himself entered in a prize fight that evening and through a combination of skill and luck, managed to win, making a small amount of money and securing a free room for the night. The group had landed on its feet but what would happen on the morrow. they must still survive in an unknown city for another day and anyone could be a mortal enemy…

Berek’s Journal
Rorick’s Journal

Chapter 2: The World Outside


ur Heroes Set Off…

… From the village that had been their whole world for most of their lives, led from safety into danger by an Aes Sedai and her warder with nothing but the clothes on their backs and what few gifts and traveling supplies their friends and families could spare.
The group set out at mid-morning on the day of Beltane and road hard all day for Taren Ferry, a village built at a crossing point of the river Taren. They arrived at the village as night was falling and took rooms at a local inn, The Dog and Pony.

Even after such a rapid flight it seemed that news had preceded the group and they had barely laid down to sleep in the inns hey loft when darkfriends attacked the inn and forces a further flight across the river, Berek, Rodrick and Lan pulling the ferry whilst Moiraine wove a concealing fog to hide them from prying eyes or hidden archers. Once the ferry reached the far bank, Berek wrecked the chain gear with a blow of his hammer and the party rode with haste for the walled town of Baerlon, avoiding inns and sleeping rough, stopping in villages only briefly to by supplies.

After six days of hard travel they group arrived in Baerlon. They were amazed at the size of the buildings and the crowds of people, having never known a place bigger than Taren Ferry before. As they approached the gates, Moiraine advised them that they should refer to her as ‘Mistress Alyss’ and should not mention Aes Sedai whilst in the town. The reason for this swiftly becoming apparent as a group of Children of the Light came into view further down the street, the crowd carefully making way for them as they strode through the town.

‘Mistress Alyss’ took them to an inn called the Pigeon where she was clearly well known and respected, taking rooms for the group and ordering food and drink as she explained a little more of what she knew or suspected of the reasons for the Dark Ones interest in the group. She told them of her suspicions that Rodrick, Berek and Jonah were Ta’veren, souls that warped the Pattern around them for a greater purpose. And told them that four such souls being born in the same village at the same time could only mean they were destined for something terrible or great. Either way, the best and safest place for them was Tar Valon, under the guard and study of the White Tower.

Moiraine gave the group a few gold marks each and sent them out to buy what supplies they needed whilst she talked with Soren, the innkeeper who was a long term agent of hers, taking careful note of local news and events and passing it on to her whenever possible. Whilst out on their expedition, the group met someone they had not expected, Padan Fain, the peddler who often traded in the villages of the two rivers. As soon as he saw them he took flight and had to be chased down. He tried to excuse himself that he had mistaken them for some rather unsavory characters he knew in Baerlon but was unconvincing and they took him back to the Pigeon for ‘a drink and a chat’. Under close questioning, Fain confessed to having been waylaid by trollocs on his way to Emonds Field and questioned about the people he knew their by a Myrdraal. He pleaded for mercy, saying no mere merchant would hold out under such questioning and the group agreed to let him go, after lending him a clean pair of trousers.

The group split up to digest this news, Berek going to the bar, Rodrick asking Lan to teach him to use the sword he carried and the rest sitting quietly in the private room Moiraine had rented, contemplating what they had learned that day. They did not have long to themselves, however, before their was a crass of armored gauntlets on wood as a whitecloak captain demanded entrance, whilst his troops surrounded the inn with a ring of torches…

Rodrick’s Journal
Berek’s Journal

Chapter 1: A Night Of Blood


he story begins…

…On the day before the festival of Beltane in the small village of Emonds Field in western Andor.
Who are these great heroes? Yes I suppose I should introduce the young humans who would change the world. Their were five of them. Four unlikely heroes named Rodrick, Berek, Jonah and Nalei. An innkeepers son, a barber/surgeons son, A blacksmiths apprentice, a woodcutter and the apprentice to the village wisdom.
On the day in question, these five were going about their business as normal. Rodrick and Prospero were talking to the peddler and the gleeman that had come for the festival. Berek was consulting the wisdom about his proposal to Rose, Jonah was out chopping wood for the Beltane fires and Nalei was helping organize the preparation for the festivities.
The day was marked with strange events. many of the villages saw birds and rats behaving strangely, some said they say a strange man in black watching the village from a distance. A few said his cloak did not move with the wind and at midday, a pair of strangers who had never been seen before arrived and took rooms at the inn.
The pair were an Aes Sedai, Moiraine Damodred and her warder, a’Lan Mandragoran. A pair you would think far more likely to change the world and indeed they would in their way but they are not the center of this tale.
Rodrick was fascinated by the new strangers and helped them stable their horses, plied them with questions and, when the Lady Moiraine mentioned that she was a collector of ancient stories, engaged in a long telling of local anecdotes and stories which took up much of the evening.

Many in the village would wish that that evening had lasted forever for when night fell the horror began. Trollocs, which had not been seen in the Two Rivers of the better part of 2000 years streamed out of the woods, led by a Myrdraal and attacked the village. If it hadn’t been for the presence of Moiraine and Lan then the village might have been overrun. The Aes Sedai and her warder gave early warning of the attack and held the village gate long enough for the sleepy villagers to rouse themselves. Many were injured even so and no few lost their lives although that number would have been far greater if not for Moiraine using the One Power to heal wounds that would have been fatal.
With the danger past the Aes Sedai cloistered herself with in her room with the 5 young people, much to the displeasure of some of the village elders and when they emerged, they announced that they were leaving because the Trollocs were after them personally. They apologized and promised to return and whilst their fellow villagers didn’t believe the story they told, it is a brave or stupid man that attempts to foil the machinations of an Aes Sedai and so they wished the five well, gifted them with food and what traveling gear they had and wished them a safe journey.

Jonah’s Journal
Rodrick’s Journal
Berek’s Journal
Nalei’s Journal



ere begins the chronicle of the ending of the 3rd age of the world…

…Committed to parchment by me; Loial son of Arent son of Halen in this, the 100th year of the 4th age. Many histories have been written about the wars and political upheaval that marked the end of the 3rd age but this chronicle will tell the personal story of some of the architects of those wars. A group of friends that came from humble beginnings to stride the world like giants bringing both destruction and hope in their wake.
I have compiled this work from eye-witness accounts, records of the time and a collection of the personal journals of some of the protagonists which has recently fallen into my hands. I begin this work in the hopes that it will prove inspirational to the leaders of our new world and help prevent the mistakes of the past age that brought us so close to total destruction.


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