The Horn Of Valere

A legendary hunting horn said to be able to summon all the ancient heroes of legend


The Horn of Valere is a curled bronze hunting horn. It is plain in appearance with its only ornamentation being the inscriptions around the mouth piece and wide, flared bell.
The inscription at the mouth piece reads: ‘The grave is no bar to my call.’
Around the Bell, the inscription reads: ‘Let he who sounds me think not of glory, but of salvation.’


The Horn of Valere is a powerful artifact. Little is known of how it works, but the effect is clear: when the Horn is sounded, the great heroes of the Pattern are summoned to battle, and will serve whoever blew the Horn.

The horn is supposed to be present at the Last Battle, but there is no mention of it in the Prophecies of the Dragon.

The Horn Of Valere

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