Heron Marked Sword

Rodrick's Sword

weapon (melee)

The sword carried by Rodrick is a long, curved, single edged sword with a quillioned, crossbar guard. The long hilt is designed to be gripped in two hands and encourage fluid wrist movements over full armed swings.
The hilt is bound in tough leather and the blade pin is capped with a gold heron design which is repeated on the scabard and etched into the blade. According to Lan, in some lands this is the mark of a Blademaster.


This sword was carried by Bran Hayner at the Battle Of The Shining Walls where he fought with the armies of Illian against the Aiel. It is not known where he came by the sword or if he is truly a Blademaster but during the Trolloc raid on Emond’s Field he showed considerable skill with a sword.

Heron Marked Sword

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