Thom Merrilin

Wandering Gleeman


Thom is fairly old with a gnarled, weathered face, shaggy white hair and blue eyes. He is tall, with stooped shoulders and his snowy hair and long mustaches make him appear older than he is. Despite his apparent age, he is spry and light on his feet, able to perform simple tumbling feats in addition to his other acts. Thom wheres a cloak made of many colorful patches, the traditional badge of a gleeman, and is often seen smoking a long stemmed pipe.


Thom is a gleeman. He travels from place to place singing for his supper and a few coins. He is a talented storyteller and musician and can also juggle, throw knives and even eat fire. He is also skilled at using the knives in combat as is obviously no stranger to a fight if his performance against the Trollocs that attacked Emonds field was any indication.

Thom Merrilin

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