Padan Fain - Deceased

Pedlar who often visited Emonds Field


Fain is a small skinny man with sallow skin, lank black hair and an undernourished look to him. Despite his slightly unheathy appearance he is always cheerful and friendly when he visits Emonds Field.


Padan Fain is a peddler from Lugard, Murandy who made regular visits to the Two Rivers and Emond’s Field. His Lugarder accent seams to come and go, getting thicker as he gets excited. He is a fairly common sight in Emonds Field and the rest of the Two Rivers, where he comes to trade bringing news of the outside world along with his wares.
He is a favorite of the children of Emonds Field as he brings simple toys and sweets which he sells to them for whatever few coppers they can get together between his visits.

Padan Fain followed the heroes through the ways from Caemlyn to Fal Dara where he was revealed as a dark friend and executed by Berek Eight-fingers.

Padan Fain - Deceased

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