Loial son of Arent son of Halen

Young Ogier Scholar


He stands tall, almost ten feet, and like all Ogier his face has a broad, almost snout-like nose, and eyebrows that hang down like tails framing pale eyes as big as teacups. His ears poke up to tufted points through shaggy black hair, and twitch when his emotions are running high. His voice is as deep as a drum. A smile that splits his face in two, and shows teeth as broad as chisels. His fingers are broad enough for three, on hands big enough for hams.


Hot-headed for an Ogier, he is said to act an hour before he thinks. He loves books and reading, never being anywhere without one. The fastest runner in Stedding Shangtai, he once outran a horse. As his name suggests, he is loyal to his friends. He believes firmly in life, and the preservation of it, especially trees. He is one of the most gifted treesingers in many years.

Loial son of Arent son of Halen

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