Haral Luhhan

Blacksmith of Emonds Field


Haral Luhhan is a bull of a man, not overly tall but broad shouldered with arms bigger than most mens thighs. He is bald with a short stubble beard and a fringe of long black hair drawn back into a ponytail at the nape of his neck. his arms and hands are spotted burn scars both old and fresh from flyin sparks that he barely notices any more.


Haral Luhhan is the Emond’s Field blacksmith and is part of the Village council, he is much respected throughout the two rivers both for the quality of his work and his straight-forward honesty and integrity. Often, with matters of law or justice, the village council will base its descision on Harals opinion.

Haral is a fair man who judges people on their own merits. When no-one else would take in young Berek after the unfortunate business with his father, Master Luhhan and his wife, Alsbet took the lad in and gave him a chance as an apprentice.

Haral Luhhan

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