Brandlewyn 'Bran' Hayner

Mayor of Emonds Field and Inn Keeper of The Winespring Inn


With sparse gray hair and a round face, he has the look of many innkeepers: wearing an apron that strains over his wide girth although in his case it has the look of a man who was once powerfully bult and has let himself go later in life. Suprisingly, he moves lightly on his feet despite his size. On special occasions, he wears a silver medallion embossed with a set of merchants scales, the symbol of the office of Mayor.


As the village Mayor and the head of the Village Council, people are always taking their problems to Bran for solving. He is the owner of the Winespring Inn, which he runs with the help of his wife, Marin. The cellar of the inn contains many barrels of brandy and ale made by Bran, and usually a few casks of apple brandy made by Tam al’Thor on his farm cum distillery.

Bran is a cautious, patient man who is slow to anger but woe betide a rowdy customer who forces him to reach for the stout cudgel kept under the bar. A few visitors have remarked that even when faced with drunken caravan guards with drawn weapons, Bran never goes for the long curved sword that hangs in its scabbard above the fireplace but he is quick to explain that he only keeps the old thing for show and doesn’t know why he didn’t throw it out years ago.

Brandlewyn 'Bran' Hayner

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