a'Lan Mandragoran

Warder to Moiraine Damodred


Lan has a face of stone and chilling blue eyes. He is tall with shoulder length hair greying at the temples, held back by a braided leather headband called a hadori. He wears the color-shifting Warder cloak, and carries a curved sword at his waist, the hilt and scabard marked with a golden crane in flight.


Lan is a dour, taciturn man who speaks little of his past. He is clearly a blademaster, although his sword is marked with a golden crane instead of a heron and he is dedicated to protecting Moiraine with his life. The two seem to know each other almost as brother and sister, each able to read the others emotions and predict the others movements, although they are clearly not related by blood.

a'Lan Mandragoran

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