The Wheel Turns...

Wheel of Time 12: Cairhien


he party began the long trek…

…Back to civilization. After weeks in the wild and with no contact with Lord Ingtars group, they decided to head for the city of Cairhien to rest and await the arrival of Ingtar and the others.
Clothed and armed as they were, the gate guards assumed that Rodrick was a rather travel stained noble travelling with his wife (Nalei) and their bodyguards (Berek and Jonah) and the party seized on this as a good disguise, claiming that Nalei was Rodricks ‘Cousin’.

Berek and Jonah took lodging at a dive called the Defender of the Dragonwall. An establishment frequented by mercenaries, caravan guards and the city watch and rapidly became well known as Berek joined the local prize fighting circuit run by their new landlord and won a considerable pot and free lodging as long as he continued in the weekly fights.

Rodrick and Nalei went to a more salubrious inn called The Great Tree but found themselves unable to pay the high prices and returned to the defender to find an invitation to Lord Rodrick of House Hayner to dine with lord and lady Taborwin that evening. Rodrick and Nalei attended the dinner and their hosts were shocked to here that they were staying in such a low rent establishment, offering them rooms in their own mansion and an introduction to dressmakers and a reputable banking house whilst they were in Cairhien. Seeing nothing wrong with act of spontaneous generosity, Rodrick readily accepted the friendship and charity of the kind nobles.

Rodrick’s Journal



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