The Wheel Turns...

The Wheel Turns13: The Lords Party


he party regrouped…

…At the Taborwin residence and headed for the foregate where they could discover if lord Ingtars party had arrived in the night. They hadn’t but a carnival atmosphere filled the area with processions of dancers and performers and street vendors everywhere. They party were told that this was to celebrate the capture of the false dragon, Mazrim Taim.

They group strolled through the crowd without mishap apart from a number of mysteriously terrified fortune tellers and Berek continued to make a name for himself as a professional fighter by breaking a mans arm in an all-comers wrestling match and signing up with the promoter as a replacement.

Lord ingtar failed to arrive that day so the party returned the following morning. Once again therre was a carnival but things went rather differently from before as a group of darkfriends smuggled trollocs into the city disguised as giant puppets and let them loose to terrorise the crowd!




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