The Wheel Turns...

Chapter 9: Thieves In The Night


he gate guards throats had been slit…

…and the gates were standing open as Berek reached them. He immeadiately raised the alarm and ran to the growing sounds of battle. The others armed themselves and and joined in the defence of the great hall from a band of trollocs.

The attack on the hall was a diversion from the raids real target, the lords armoury and the horn which it contained. Berek encountered them as they were retreating but a Myrdraal blocked him from interfereing. Berek managed to slay the fell creature although he was wounded in the deed but by the time the fight was done the Myrdraals followers had made off into the darkness carrying the Horn of Valere with them.

On the morrow, the Amyrlin Seat arrived from Tar Valow to here the dire news. She talked with each of the companions and cloistered herself for most of the morning with Moiraine and Leanna, her Keeper. What was discussed behind those closed doors is not recorded but when she finally emerged it was just as the party set to hunt down the darkfriends who had stolen the horn was getting ready to depart.

Rodrick’s Journal
Nalei’s Journal



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