The Wheel Turns...

Chapter 6: Travelling The Ways


hilst Nalei headed to the palace…

… The rest of the party came to inspect their sleeping quarters and encountered none other that your humble chronicler. I was out of the stedding to tour the groves built by Ogier in ages long past but found myself a virtual prisoner in the Queen Blessing Inn. With Caemlyn full of people who had never seen an Ogier, I kept being mistaken for a Trolloc and chased so I resolved to lay low in the inns small library andwait until the fuss about the false dragon had died down before leaving town.

Be fortuitous chance this put me in the right place to meet a group of heroes that would change the world. They seemed shy but polite enough and Rodrick was interested in history so I undertook to explain the history of the Ogier which of course took a number of hours and before we were done Nalei was back from the palace having left a message for the queens Aes Sedai advisor about Moiraine and the problems with Trollocs and Darkfriends which the group had encountered on their journey to Caemlyn.

The following day was the day of the parade for the false dragon. Rodrick went to see the parade and whilst he was out, The queens advisor visited the inn in person and spent some time closetted in a back room with Nalei and Johan questioning them. That evening, The lady Moiraine Dmodred Sedai arrived and explained matters more clearly to me. She told of the Ta’veren nature of Rodrick, Johan and Berek and of her intention to take them to Tar Valon. It was then that I told her of the old man that had come to the stedding some 20 years past and told of a plot to ‘Blind the Eye of the World’. This question brought up a number of similar dreams, prophecies and messages that various members of the the group had heard before and they clearly meant something to Moiraine who insisted that their was no time to travel to Tar Valon and insisted that we go directly to the city of Fal Dara on the edge of the blight. She wasn’t very forthcoming with her reasons other than to say that time was short and the dark one was planning to destroy the world but she demanded that I show her the route through the old network of Ways to Fal Dara. I warned her of the dangers but she insisted there was no choice so I agreed and that evening we set out.

Ogier can sense there way to Way Gates and we found the Caemlyn gate in the celler of some poor shop keeper who’s door we were forced to break down. Moiraine found the key and opened the gate and we entered. The trip through the ways took about 7 days and despite my fears we made it almost to the final gate before anything truly bad happned. At the last guiding pillar we found a group of trollocs turned to stone and half absorbed into the ways and as we passed them we heard the first whisper of Machin Shin, The black wind. We hurried to the last gate, pursued by the wind and also by a group of trollocs fleeing in the same direction. The trollocs were crazed with fear and the key was missing from the way gate so Moiraine and Nalei began to cut through it with the power whilst the Lan, Jonah, Berek and Rodrick held off the trollocs. I’m afraid I was of little use, unarmed as I was and with no training in combat but the others aquitted themselves well and in the nick of time, Moiraine and Nalei finished cutting the gate and we escaped the Ways back into the real world on the fringes of the blight within sight of the beacons of Fal Dara.

Rodrick’s Journal



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