The Wheel Turns...

Chapter 5: Arrival In Caemlyn


ith Nalei wounded…

…By a darkfriends dagger, the party headed to the nearest tavern and had the innkeeper send for the towns apothecary. The apothecary treated Nalei’s wounds but could do little for the poison and Nalei remained unconcious for the next two days as the caravan rumbled onwards, passing through the little town of Market Sharen where Nalei seemed to recover almost miraculously quickly and spending a night at a coaching inn called The Queens Man.

All through the last couple of days, Rodrick and Jonah had been ill and that evening at the inn they lapsed into tortured fever dreams which prompted the caravan master to let them go for fear of spreading the strange sickness amongst his men. That night Berek was approached and then nearly stabbed by a darkfriend called Milli Skane who, under Berek’s tended ministrations babbled something about the Dark One blinding the Eye Of The World and killing the great serpent.
Berek then took pity on the girl and let her go, sending her running off into the night.

Rodrick and Jonah seemed to recover extremely fast from their mysterious illness and the party continue on their way, arriving in Carysford where Rodrick managed to start a bar fight over his sword that left half the patrons dead and a drunken old man on asking for a lift to Caemlyn. The group agree and head off to the capital of Andor and the Queens Blessing inn where they hope to meet Moiraine.

Berek’s Journal
Rodrick’s Journal



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