The Wheel Turns...

Chapter 11: Battle For The Horn


he party set off…

…Towards the distant camp fire, hoping to find aid or at least shelter for the night. Berek and Jonah went ahead to scout and it was fortunate that they did for they discovered a pack of trollocs around the fire, led by a myrdraal and dragging a group of humans who they identified as the darkfriends who made the raid on Fal Dara possible. Before they could report back, Nalei created a light with the one power to see by, startling the shadowspawn into flight, leaving a small group of trollocs to hunt down the unseen wielder of the one power.

The party cut down the trollocs and set off after the retreating group of shadowspawn. The chase lasted for over a week before they finally ran the dark ones servants to ground. Berek stormed out of the night at their camp howling like a wolf and drawing answering howls from all around them as a local pack joined the fray against the hated shadowspawn. Jonah charged in behind cutting down trollocs with his axe whilst Rodrick protected Nalei as she wove death with the one power. Berek fought in single combat with the Myrdraal, Hammer against black sword and, with the aid of the pack alpha, cut it down as a blast of lightning fell out of a clear sky amongst the cluster of human darkfriends who had hung back from the fight.

The death of the myrdraal caused the remaining trollocs to scatter and when the dust settled, the party found that the human darkfriends had vanished without a trace as had the mysterious girl, Serene. In a box near the centre of the camp the party found the stolen Horn of Valere and so, with the priceless artefact secure once again, they settled to rest, tend their wounds and decide their next course of action.

Rodrick’s Journal



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