The Wheel Turns...

Chapter 10: The Peril Of Portals


he search party set out…

…Just after midday, 20 men under the command of Lord Ingtar, commander of Lord Agelmars personal guard. With them was a a tracker named Hurin who could smell violence; an Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah called Verin, along with her warder Tomas, and our heroes, fresh from their interview with the Amyrlin Seat.

They travelled for several close to 2 weeks, passing Fal Moran and then vearing west towards the city of Cairhien. Slowly the party began to gain ground on the trollocs they pursued, narrowing the gap to a day and hopes were beginning to rise that they could catch the darkspawn and recover the horn when, on the 15th day, a group of men armed with spears and shields and wearing strange clothing that blended in with the terrian rose up on either side of the road and hailed the party to stop.

The strangers were quickly identified as Aielmen, to the consternation of Lord Ingtar… the Aiel hadn’t been seen this side of the Dragonwall since the Aiel war 20 years ago in which he and many of his men had fought. The Aiel leader was a man named Gaul and he told the group that he was searching for ‘He Who Comes With The Dawn’ the prophecised chief of chiefs who would return and lead the clans to glory. The Aiel Wise Ones said that the time was right and that He would be a man born of the Aiel but raised by the ‘wetlanders’. He showed particular interest in Rodrick who had the height and colouring of an Aielman and suggested that he might take a trip into the Aiel wastes to meet with the wise ones.
That night the group camped in some old ruins and when they heroes woke they were somewhere else entirely.

The sky of the strange world was pink and the terrain rugged and scrublike. There was no sign on the rest of the search party and the trollocs trail had disappeared to sight but Berek could still smell them so the party continued on their way until the trail stopped abruptly atop a small hill. Down the next slope was a stand of bushes and behind those bushes they found a young woman hiding. She was beautiful with long black hair and a simple white dress and introduced herself as Serene, a merchants daughter from Cairhien who fled from an arranged marriage and after a day running, took shelter in some strange ruins and woke to find herself in this world. She showed them the portal stone that had brought her to this realm and they camped there for the night.

As soon as the sun set the night came alive with strange trumpeting hunting calls and strange creatures, like huge cats with bony plates on their heads. They charged into the firelight and greivously hurt both Jonah and Berek. Nalei held them back with blasts of the one power whilst Serene dragged Rodrick to the portal stone, begging him to save them all. She pressed Rodricks hand to the symbols on the pillar and the whole world shifted depositing the party back in their own world, on the side of a tall hill with the lights of Cairhien on the horizon just moments before the strange creatures overran them.

Nalei gave emergency healing to the wounded whilst rodrick looked out over the plains and spied a glimmering campfire just a couple of miles away.

Rodrick’s Journal



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